The Document Foundation

The Document Foundation is led and driven by its members. Its mission is to support and foster the development and the LibreOffice project, as well as representing it. You may read our manifesto here. The foundation is managed by several bodies and officers:

  • The Board of Directors (or "BoD"). The Foundation's Board of Directors is the main administration of the Foundation's projects and teams. Board members are the foundation's judicial and extrajudicial representatives.
  • The Membership Committee (or "MC"). Mission of the MC is to administer membership applications and renewals and to oversee election of the BoD.
  • The Board of Trustees (or "Members"). The Board of Trustees consists of all people actively contributing to the Foundation's projects. To be acknowledged as a member you need to meet the criteria defined in our statutes and apply for membership using our application form.

There are some entities to help the BoD to further the foundation's projects, but not being formal bodies of the foundation:

  • The Engineering Steering Committee (or "ESC") provides technological guidance on strategic matters and hypothetically will consist of the Community's best engineers.
  • The Advisory Board (or "AB") provides a forum for organizations providing a substantial minimum level of financial or other support as determined by the BoD, to meet with the BoD and provide advice.

The BoD may appoint officers for administration or daily business of the Foundation.

The LibreOffice project

The LibreOffice project is run by the community as well as by The Document Foundation bodies, such as the Engineering Steering Committee and the Board of Directors. On a daily basis, the LibreOffice project works through teams of contributors that coordinate the various tasks of development, localization, design, promotion, documentation, testing and expanding LibreOffice. These teams are always open to more contributors, so you can join us today.


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