Calc is the free spreadsheet program you've always needed. Newcomers find it intuitive and easy to learn, while professional data miners and number crunchers appreciate the comprehensive range of advanced functions. Built-in wizards guide you through choosing and using a comprehensive range of advanced features. Or you can download templates from the LibreOffice template repository, for ready-made spreadsheet solutions.

Styles and direct formatting makes it easy to apply flexible cell formatting options, including freely rotating contents, templates, backgrounds, borders and much more. Become a spreadsheet expert by using templates with built-in functions, so that you can reuse a pre-prepared sheet and just focus on the immediate work.

The Scenario Manager allows "what if ..." analysis at the touch of a button. For instance, you can compare profitability for high, medium and low sales forecasts.

Calc's solver component lets you solve optimization problems in which the optimum value of a particular spreadsheet cell has to be calculated based on constraints provided in other cells.

Advanced DataPilot technology makes it easy to pull in raw data from corporate databases, and then cross-tabulate, summarise, and convert it into meaningful information. Real-time data streams can now be integrated in sheets and reports, and factored in calculations.

You can perform collaborative work on spreadsheets, thanks to Calc's multiple-user support. Just share a spreadsheet so that other users can easily add their data to it. The spreadsheet owner can then easily integrate the new data in just a few clicks. This collaboration feature helps to avoid editing conflicts.

While Calc saves spreadsheets in its native Open Document Format (.ods), it can also open and save files in Microsoft Excel format for sending to people still locked into Microsoft products. If you only need to make your data readable, but on a wide range of devices and platforms, you can easily export to Portable Document Format (.pdf). Calc can read .xlsx files created with Microsoft Office for Windows and macOS.

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